"a voice as pure as a crystalline stream" Houston Chronicle

From a tiny spark, Michael Londra’s Celtic Fire now travels the world in many forms. With 100% live music, dance and song,the show generates an electric atmosphere that sweeps audiences away to Ireland, its culture, its land, its pubs, its music and its heart.

The music of Celtic Fire show is traditional at its core, with all of Ireland’s national instruments, the fiddle driving frenetic reels, our great drum, the bodhran beating out the driving rhythms of the band, the plaintive uilleann pipes calling back to days of yore with beautiful and haunting slow airs. The dancers take the stage with brilliant flashes of speed, youth and exuberance. All of our dancers while young, have performed from an early age having won many Irish dance awards and performed around the world. Their jigs and reels performed are a joy to watch.
Many audiences want to get to join in… many actually do!

Irish dance has enjoyed a spectacular revival in recent years with shows like Riverdance; however, Celtic Fire doesn’t rehash the art form, but strips it to its bare essentials. Irish music and dance has learned to mix with other culture to create new and innovative dances and sounds but at its core, this is what Ireland is all about. It is the real thing!

The evening is tied together by Michael’s clarion vocals and easy charm. You are guaranteed a great night out.

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